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Our Services

Metal Damage Detection

Our state of the art Artificial Intelligence models can detect the following classifications of metal damage:

  • Corrosion (at different severity levels, NEN 2767-4 as standard)

  • Cracks, Splits, Dents, Bends .etc see more

  • Overall structural integrity

In accordance with:



Concrete Damage Detection

Our concrete (ferro/cement) is built to detect any and all damages including but not limited to:

  • Cracks, from large to hairline

  • Exposed Metal (rotting concrete)

  • Missing Concrete

  • Exposed Brick

Asset Specific Surveying

Not all assets are surveyed the same. That is why Mavisoft's models are developed in a versatile, modular manner in order to suit any assets classification.

This also includes client-specific damage classifications, for those who have their own damage reports. For inquiries regarding more specific use cases, please contact us!

Platform & Data Visualization

  • Visualize digital twins of your assets and their condition in real-time

  • Automate action plans based on cost and severity

  • Automate deployment of repair services for optimal flow

  • Integration into your own platform with the Mavisoft API ©

The Mavisoft Portal © allows you to:

Asset surveying is not only a time consuming and repetitive task, but it is at constant risk of human error; to the left, you will see a rust detector that automates this. To the right, a warehouse management solution (MVP) that prevents mistakes and suggests improvements that can be made for higher cargo management efficiency.